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What is a simp? What does simp mean in TikTok?

by Janani
What is a simp?

Simp, It is an acronym for ‘Sucker Idolising Mediocre p***y’ and internet slang word. It describes a man or woman who performs excessive attention and sympathy towards another person (In the pursuit of a sexual relationship sometimes). They will do anything to impress a person (usually of the opposite gender).

Can a woman be a simp?

Gender doesn’t matter here. A Woman can be a simp too. However, the idea still tends to involve far more men.

What is an example of simp?

Someone, who buys a lot of gifts for a girl, excepting that she will fall for him, is an example of a simp. Simp could also be someone who allows a woman to mistreat them and without respect. They tend to woo a woman, even after rejections.

What does simp mean in TikTok?

The meaning of simp is the same in TikTok as well. It is someone who tried really, really hard to impress a woman or man.

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