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Rich Snippet: What is it & How do you get it

by Janani

Rich Snippet, Also called rich result & Google rich snippet, is an advanced version of the beloved and the original, Plain Blue Ink. Don’t know what plain blue ink is? Don’t worry; you will understand everything by the end of this Article.

Before we talk about rich snippets, we first need to understand what a snippet is (in the terminology of Google SEO). A snippet is the description part of the result that Google shows to the user on the search result page. It follows the URL, Cached URL & title in the search result. For example, I wanted to know the best recipe for chicken broth and googled to search for the same. Google then showed me a vast paginated list of snippets like below.

plain blue link search result
Chicken broth recipe – standard search result

As you can see, A normal search result would consist of three elements.

  1. URL (In black color)
  2. Snippet /Description (in black color)
  3. Title (in Blue color). 

The above search result is what we commonly call a “plain blue link”. However, This is not an official term.

Rich Snippet or Rich Result:

There is a total of 7 types of Google snippets today, and rich snippet one of those. A rich snippet is a result that enhances the visual quality of the snippet by providing essential information through graphical elements, which includes review stars, thumbnails, calorie count & cooking time of recipes.

Rich Snippet of chicken broth recipe
Best chicken broth recipe by Learnly

These rich snippets are usually content-specific—content like Movies, Books & Articles. The appearance you see today might be different from that of the above picture as Google never stops working on polishing the look and feel of it.

Structured data:

Unlike the standard snippets, which Google usually prepares using the relevant content from your pages, Rich snippets need you to provide information using structured data in the page’s code. Google processes this additional information you provide using structured data when it crawls your page. Providing structured data for search features (For example, recipe) makes your snippets stand out from the other snippets in the search results. Rich snippets make our site more visible & consequently increase the click-through rate. Above all, it will give your page a better rank.

Frequently asked questions:

What is a snippet on the Google search result page?

A snippet is the black-colored description portion of a search result. It follows the URL, Cached link, and the title in the search result. Google generates snippets automatically, taking the content of a page and references to the page on the web. This process happens during Google crawling.plain blue link search result

How are Snippets created?

Google automatically creates the snippets using the content from our pages or posts. Google designed the snippet to highlight & preview the content of the page or post that best relates to the keyword or keywords used by the user to search. As a result, A single page might show different snippets for different keywords as Google tries to change the content of the snippet description to show more relative information to the user.two different snippets for the same page

What is a rich snippet or rich result?

A rich snippet or Rich snippet is a visually advanced version of the traditional ‘plain blue link’ result. It contains graphical elements, including cooking time & user rating of recipes, thumbnail images, or visual enhancements.Rich Snippet of chicken broth recipe

What is the advantage of a rich snippet?

Search result looks much more attractive, and users will get to see more & useful information instantly, just by looking at the snippet. Rich snippets will make the page more visible, search results more interactive. As a result, you will see an increase in your pages’ click-through rate.

How to test rich snippets

We can test your publicly available web pages using Google’s Rich Result Test tool. It will help you understand which rich snippet Google will generate while crawling through your page. It uses the structured data you added to the page code.

What are the examples of the rich snippet?

Rich snippets are available for various search features like books, reviews, recipes & articles. For example, A page with structured data added for the recipe would look like below.Rich Snippet of chicken broth recipe

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